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Bika - baking soda - REFILL

BIKA: BAKING SODA, sodium bicarbonateUniversal ecological cleaner and deodorizer. The single most ve..

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dishwasher powder - REFILL

DISHWASHER POWDER (100g)Efficient dishwasher powder made from easily biodegradable ingredients for u..

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Dishwasher Rinse - REFILL

DISHWASHER RINSE (100 ml) - REFILLFor all domestic dishwashers. Reduces formation of mineral build-u..

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Dishwasher salt - REFILL

DISHWASHER SALT 0,20€/100gSalt for replenishing the water softener. The softener regenerates ion exc..

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Soapnut Dishwasher Gel - REFILL (100 g)

SOAPNUT DISHWASHER GEL (100 g) - REFILLDishwasher gel based on extract from organic soapnuts. Effect..

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Soapnut Washing-Up Gel - REFILL (100 g)

WASHING-UP GEL (100 g) - REFILLEffective plant base gel for hand dishwashing. It can also deal with ..

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