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All-purpose cleaner - REFILL

ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER (100g) - refillEcological cleaner for all washable smooth household surfaces as ..

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Bika - baking soda - REFILL

BIKA: BAKING SODA, sodium bicarbonateUniversal ecological cleaner and deodorizer. The single most ve..

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Kitchen cleaning pad

KITCHEN CLEANING PAD - reusable, washable, made of bamboo and cotton fleeceEcological alternative to..

3.20€ Ex Tax: 3.20€

scale remover CITRIC ACID (100g) - REFILL

SCALE REMOVER CITRIC ACID (100g) - REFILLFor effective removal of scale from washing/laundry machine..

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scouring powder ORANGE - REFILL

SCOURING POWDER FROM SOAPNUTS WITH ORANGE EXTRACT (100g) - REFILLVery fine scouring powder with soap..

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Toilet cleaner with ROSEMARY and LEMON oil (100g) - REFILL

TOILET CLEANER WITH ROSEMARY AND LEMON OIL (100g) - REFILLThis ecological gel cleaner for toilet bow..

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