Bamboo toothbrush – soft


BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH – SOFT Bamboo toothbrush for everyday tooth-care. Bristles […]

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Bamboo toothbrush for everyday tooth-care. Bristles are composed of a nylon, ricin oil, plant-based plastic and are enriched with an activated charcoal.
Brush length: 18,5 cm
Number of bristles: 1140 pcs
Bristle hardness: soft
Our tip: When the brush is worn, cut off its head and put into communal waste. You can use the handle as a label for flowerbed.

Are bamboo toothbrushes compostable?
Bamboo is a natural material and thus fully compostable. However, the bristles are not biodegradable and even less so compostable. Until 1930s, most toothbrushes had used pig-hair bristles, and this remains the only option in order to have a 100 % biodegradable toothbrush even today (provided the body is made of wood).

Nylon-4 bristles?
Some producers state that their toothbrushes are mad of special nylon 4. It is a plastic material produced from crude oil that is capable of biodegradation to some extent, according to laboratory research. However, laboratory conditions are far away from real ones. In addition, this type of nylon is not suitable for use in toothbrushes (nylon 6 is used instead).

Bristles from bamboo?
Some producers say that their bristles are made of bamboo. If you get hold of such a toothbrush, take a simple test: light up a match and expose the toothbrush to its flame. If the bristles look like they are nylon-made and start to melt, as if they were made from a plastic material, there is only one explanation possible – they really RE MADE FROM PLASTIC. There are no toothbrushes with bamboo bristles because no such bristles are produced. Just try to imagine bristles made of wood. And bamboo is wood!