Net bag M (38x30cm)


NET BAG M (38 x 30 cm) A mash bag […]

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NET BAG M (38 x 30 cm)

A mash bag with a thicker square mesh is especially suitable for fruit and vegetables that can be bought and stored in it – instead of the usual plastic. Organic cotton is approved for contact with food.

Size: 38 x 30 cm

Ingredients: 100% GOTS-ceritificated organic cotton


  • Organic cotton is planted at eco farms that follow clear rules for organic food and cotton, from seeds to the final production of the cloth including sewing. The use of toxic chemical agents during plantation or production is forbidden, as these cause harm to the workers and the environment. Genetically modified organisms are banned as well.
  • Clothes made from organic cotton do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Unlike synthetic materials (polyester, fleece), organic cotton does not release plastic microfibers during washing. As wastewater treatment cannot deal with these microfibers, they end up in rivers and seas, contaminating water and soil, causing harm to animals and sometimes ending up on our plates.


Organic cotton has been grown, produced and certified according to the standards of the international organization GOTS. These standards set out the methods relating to growing cotton, its harvesting and the production of clothes and other textile products including colours, threads and buttons, while having regard to the social and working conditions of the workers.